Mel Kiper’s round one mock draft selection for the 49ers

I think all that perfectly coiffed hair has really weighed down Kiper’s thinking process. He has the Niners selecting Tennessee linebacker Jerod Mayo with their first selection in the upcoming NFL Draft.  So, let me get this straight your Melness. The Niners have Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, Tully Banta-Cain, Dontarrious Thomas, Brandon Moore, Jeff Ulbrich, Jay Moore, and Roderick Green on their roster @ LB, and they’re gonna spring for Jerod Mayo with their first pick? Do ya think maybe a Pass Rusher, an Offensive Lineman, a Wide Receiver, or even a Safety, might be a bit more pressing need? Check out our Hooked on the Niners mock draft, and you’ll see what the “real experts” on the Niners think will happen.  Seriously, the draft should be real interesting this year with all the player parity, thus introducing (hint, hint, Niners), the opportunity to do some wheeling and dealing by trading up, or in the Niners case, potentially down. Remember, they only have 6 picks in this draft now, while most teams have 9.




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