What the heck?

To lose a 5th round draft choice and to have to trade places in the 3rd round with Chicago isn’t going to kill the Niners’ 2008 draft . . . but “what the heck?”

Who did the Niners wrong?  Was it Drew Rosenhaus . . . Lance Briggs . . . or both?  Who else could possibly know what went on between San Francisco & the Rosenhaus/Briggs faction?

I mean . . . What the heck? 

— JayDub


One Response to “What the heck?”

  1. markiemarko Says:

    I think it was just a matter of Roger Goodell making an example out of the 49ers to the rest of the league. After all the drama with spygate, Pacman Jones and Michael Vick, he doesnt what to be seen as “not in control” and its his way or the highway….

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