Addios Senor Jackson

The recent acquisitions of Isaac Bruce and Bryant Johnson was a clear sign that changes in the Niner WR corps were coming, and that happened when Darrell Jackson was released. Even though the Niner QB game wasn’t exactly “Brady-esque” last year, Jackson dropped way too many passes thrown his way, and seldom came up with a tough catch. Right now the Niners would probably line up with Bruce and Johnson as their starting wide outs. I think Mike Martz will find ways to get Bruce open, as was so often the case in St. Louis, even though he’s probably lost a step. I like Johnson a lot. He’s played under the shadow of Anquan Bolden and Larry Fitzgerald with the Cardinals, but this former 2003 number one draft pick (#17 overall), from Penn State, can catch the ball, and is a big target at 6’3″, 216 lbs.  If Martz can get Ashley Lelie’s attention, which is a big question mark to say the least (I was going to say question martz, but that would have been too easy), and Arnaz Battle can be an effective third receiver, who knows, maybe the Niners will  be able to put some pressure on opposing defenses in the passing game, something that was 100% non existant in 2007. Oh, but then there’s the issue of who is going to consistently get the ball short and deep to these guys? That’s another story altogether………….



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